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(n.) Wake Up Attack


okiru semeru, wake up and attack/strike

Okizeme, a japanese portmanteau of the words: Okiru 起きる (Wake Up) and Semeru 攻める (Attack / Strike).

The term was popularized by the Fighting Game Community as an opportunity to strike the opponent as they are "waking up" from being knocked down to maintain advantage. Okizeme Gaming was created by this idea that as gamers; we wake up, we attack, and we game.

We want to provide the Fighting Game Community with high-level content such as

  • Gaming Resources
  • Media Content Essays
  • Interviews
  • E-Sports

and so much more from your favorite fighting games.

Not only that, Okizeme wishes to deconstruct entry barriers for individuals who have often felt disenfranchised from the video game community and create a safe and welcoming environment for all. We aim to open discussion and encourage new players to find their way into the FGC.

Please join us on our journey as we aim to open discussions and encourage new players to find their way into the FGC.

♥ The Okizeme Team


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